How to send money

M-sente subscribers can send money to registered and unregistered numbers.


  • Dial *185#
  • Select option 1 to send money.
  • Select option 1 To UTCL & other numbers
  • Enter Mobile number.
  • Enter the Amount.
  • Enter M-sente PIN (4 digits).

Note; You will receive a confirmation message.

How to Withdraw cash.

M-sente subscriber willing to withdraw cash of their M-sente wallet will visit any of our M-sente agents, partner banks and third-party clients. The customer will initiate the transaction by following the procedure below.

Procedure below;

  • Dial *185# yes.
  • Select options 3 withdraw money.
  • Select
    • From Agent
    • From PayWay
    • From Pebuu
    • From ATM/POS Terminal
  • Follow prompts.

Note: Selection of agent type in the menu will depend on which agent the customer has approached for a withdraw.

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