E1 Postpaid Landline/ commonly known as PRI:

This is a digitalized form of landline services that allows multiple voice calls at at the same time . This type of solution is suitable for big organizations that have high traffic in terms of incoming and outgoing calls.

Our half E1 Package has 15 channels and full E1 has 30 channels and we reserve Number ranges for extensions depending on customer requirements.

Technology used to extend E1 services to customers:

  • Optic fiber
  • Copper

Benefits of the E1 Service:

  • Allow multiple calls for both incoming and outgoing
  • Speedy and easy access to the required personnel by callers
  • Minimum access through switchboard operators
  • Cost saving on line rentals
  • Cost saving on line maintenance
  • Simplified billing (a single number e.g. 0414 333xxx)
  • Increased “lines” to the large customer
  • Easy to manage through effective cost control through call budgeting to specific called destinations. E.g. local only, to mobile or to international.

What do I need to get an E1 landline?

  • A fully filled and signed E1 security form since this is a digital service
  • By filling in service order form indicating (client’s name, business entity, location, telephone contact & Box number)
  • Attach copy of National ID for one of the Company Directors.
  • Attach Memorandum of Association, Certificate of Registration and a stamp or company seal for a company or organization.
  • A survey is done to ascertain service availability before invoice is shared with the customer.

For additional information, approach any of our point of sale in Kampala and upcountry.

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