Major Benefits of Classic Landline

  •  For making and receiving voice calls
  • For sending and receiving fax messages
  • Internet services are possible in addition to voice services
  • Call Management Services available

Other benefits

  • Electronic locking facility is a security measure that helps the phone owner to manage the usage of the phone. This is requested from the service center or an Account Relationship Manager upon approval the customer is given a locking code and unlocking code for control of the service
  • Teleconferencing enables two or more people to get involved in a conversation.
  • Call forwarding enables you to forward calls you cannot answer to another line (landline or mobile).
  • Call hunting enables a call to automatically go to another line if the one called is busy
  • Call waiting allows you put a call on hold and make or answer another call then return to the original caller.
  • Call quick allows you to create a short quick dial code for the numbers you call frequently or for the emergency numbers.
  • Call listing enables recording of missed calls
  • Call barring enables one to restrict calls of their choice for example incoming, outgoing, international.
  • IDD is a facility that enables postpaid customers to make international calls.


What do I need to get a classic landline? 

  • By filling in an order form indicating (client’s name, business entity, location, telephone contact & Box number)
  • For individuals; attach copy of National ID or one of the Company Directors.
  • For a company or organization; attach Memorandum of Association, Certificate of Registration and a stamp or company seal.
  • A survey is done to ascertain service availability before invoice is shared with the customer.
  • Approach any of our point of sale in Kampala and upcountry.

What does it Cost me to have a classic landline?

  • Cost for the following activities related to classic landline will
  • Will be determined after site survey has been carried out for:
  • Installation of new line
  • External removal
  • Internal removal

The Postpaid Landline is available at any of our Service Centers in Kampala and upcountry. Call 997 or 100 for fault reporting and inquiries.

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