Voice mail
Keep in touch even when you are unavailable by allowing callers to leave recorded messages. You can have as many as 10 messages stored in your voice mailbox

Call forwarding
Forward all your incoming calls to another number of your choice. This service gives you the opportunity never to miss a call.

Call Conferencing
uganda telecom conference service gives you the ability to “call and set up a meeting”, via your mobile, quickly and easily. You can connect up to five people all at the same time whenever you need them, wherever they are.

Call barring
Protect your phone from abuse by others by barring all outgoing calls or if you are not ready to receive any calls, you can do the same for all incoming calls.

Call waiting
Now you can answer an incoming call while on another. No more annoying ‘user busy’? tones. This gives you the opportunity to know who called and the choice to answer their call or not.

Call Holding
This feature enables you to pick up a different call while placing the call you are on, on hold.

Caller ID
This feature enables you to identify your caller, before picking up the call.

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