Post Paid Mobile
Connection fee
Monthly Subscription: 11538
Deposit IDD 192,308
Deposit National 192,308
International Roaming 269,231
Destination Time Band Standard
On Net Peak 3
Off Peak 3
Off Net Peak 4
Off Peak 4
Special Destinations# All Day 230
Safaricom, Vodacom, Rwandatel, UCOM-Burundi, Prefered International Detinations* All Day 346
Rest of East Africa (Excluding Partners) All Day 385
International Other^ All Day 500
GMSS (e.g. Iridium), Thuraya, Immarsat All Day 9,500
On-net Peak 69
Off-Peak 38
Off-net All Day 69
International All Day 138
SMS Info All Day 127
Bulk SMS All Day 85
Voice SMS Sending 115
1st Retrieval 0
Subsequent Retrievals 38
Forward 115
Group 115
Video Call All day 308
MMS All day 231
Monday to Friday: 07:00hrs to 21:29hrs
Off Peak:
Monday to Friday: 21:30hrs to 23:29hrs and 06:00 to 06:59hrs

Saturday 06:00hrs to 21:29hrs and 06:00 to 06:59hrs

Special Countries#
UK, USA, Canada, China, India, Japan, S.Korea
Prefered International Destinations*
Germany, Holland, Pakistan, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi
International Other^
Rest of the world


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