What is a domain?

A domain is a group of computer resources under the same management.

Why we need domains:

  • Your domain name is how the world will think of you and your business. It’s part of your brand and your marketing plan.
  • It enables you to host web sites
  • Its enables you to host emails
  • Enables you create virtual private networks……..etc
  • VPN is a private network that uses a public network (usually the Internet) to connect remote sites or users together.
  • Creating a firm and credible branding of your company name against the rest is crucial.
  • Customizing your website design freely and making it a stand out. Not forgetting enhancing its search engine optimization using simple methods or rules of thumb is more applicable to your own domain as compared to free website services.
  • Free web services can change their rules or shut down their service at any point of time. But having your own domain and website, you are ensured that you owned what you paid for.

Examples of domains:

  • xxxx.com,  utcl.co.ug, yyyyy.gov, gggg.co.ug

Domain Name Registration

It is a company or Individual registers a unique address for email or Website Address
Example UTCL is utcl.co.ug
Registration is for one year.
Rate: US$ 50 per Year

Domain name hosting
UTCL keeps the customers domain at its servers hence customer does not need to have his own server or even a connection.
Rate: US$10 per Month.

Web Hosting
Uganda Telecommunications Corporation hosts the customer’s web site on its web server. Customer does not need to get a Web server.
Customer can change or update the site any time with an admin username and password.
Cost  Basic 15Mbps (capacity) – US$ 19 per Month
Pro 50 Mbps (capacity)– US$ 29 Per Month           Extra Mbps – 20.00

Fixed IP Address
Provision of an additional Fixed IP Address for some services over the Internet like Video conferencing or VPN’s that require the Fixed Address.
Cost  US$ 5 per month.

Email Accounts
Uganda Telecom sets the customers Email Account hence the customer does not need a mail Server
1 Box        US$ 5 each per month
2-10 Boxes     US$     4 each per month
11-25 Boxes    US$ 3.50 each per month
Over 25        US$ 3 each per month

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
It’s a Protocol, that Is the simplest and most secure way to exchange files between computers on the Internet.
Its commonly used to transfer web page files from their creator to the web server and also make changes on a website.
Cost: US$ 10 per month.

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