Uganda Telecommunications Corporation Limited is an Internet Service Provider(ISP), we offer a variety of internet services.

Methods /technologies through which Uganda Telecommunications Corporation Ltd provides internet services include:

  1. Copper
  2. Nano Bridge which is wireless method
  3. Optic fiber method and it is mainly for postpaid service
  4. Wimax- wireless method where plug and play modem is used

Uganda Telecommunications Corporation Ltd has 2 types/categories of its products and service and they include

  1. Prepaid services where client is required to first pay for service before it is consumed
  2. Postpaid service ; this is where client consumes service on credit and he is invoiced at end of every month

Prepaid Services:

It is a type of service where client pays for service or product before it is supplied.

Advantages of prepaid services:

  • There is no accumulation of monthly invoices because customer pays for the service before consumption
  • Customer is able to manage and control usage
  • Little paperwork is required at entry point and so the entire process is simple and user-friendly

Postpaid services:

It is a type of service where customer consumes the service on credit and is given an invoice at the end of the month for settlement.

Advantages of postpaid services include:

  • Use the service and pay later
  • It is a managed service and so a dedicated resource in form of Account Manager is allocated to the customer for premium customer care
  • Service order form/contract is signed between UTCL and customer
  • System generated tax invoices are shared with customers and so he will be able to claim for VAT



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