About Us

UTCL, trading as Uganda Telecom is Uganda’s National Telecommunication operator,    birthed from the former Uganda Telecom Limited (UTL) that was put under   receivership.

Government of Uganda incorporated a new company to acquire the assets and business of Uganda Telecom limited under administration on 8th April 2021.

The newly established Uganda Telecommunications Corporation Limited (UTCL) will do business in the telecom Sector as Uganda’s national fixed line, mobile and internet provider and will serve as a National operator.

Uganda  Telecommunications   Corporation   Limited  (UTCL)  is  wholly  owned  by   government   of  Uganda  with   Minister  of  Finance Planning  &  Economic Development holding sixty  percent  (60%) and  Ministry of lCT & National Guidance  holding forty  percent  (40%) of the  company  shares.

UTCL came into  operation  following the  purchase  of business  and  assets   of UTL under   receivership due  to large  debts   of about  UGX  700  billion (approx. US$200 million) and  mismanagement.

UTL was put under   receivership after the Libyan company that owned about 69% shares left in 2017. UTL was incorporated in   1998  as  a  Public  Limited Liability Company  evolving from  the  earlier  East African Post  and Telecom Corporation in  the 1970’s,  and   the   Uganda  Post   and Telecom Corporation  in the  1980’s  and   1990’s.

UTL was Uganda’s first Telecommunication operator to own a full Telecommunications Operator license, having evolved from the earlier East African Post & Telecom Corporation in the 1970’s, and the Uganda Post and Telecom Corporation in the 1980’s and 1990’s. UTL was incorporated in 1998 as a Public Limited Liability Company and has since embarked on an unrivalled evolution.

In 2007 LAP GreenN acquired 69% of its shares, and the Government of Uganda holds the remaining 31% of shares.

UTCL today provides voice and data communication solutions that include fixed telephony, mobile telephony, ISP and Data services,

UTCL has the largest fixed line and ISP network in the Uganda, with a 3G network that offers video telephony, high speed internet, video and audio streaming, live television and MMS among others.

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